There was a typhoon that hit Philippines last night and all morning. With heavy rain and strong wind that can sway the branches so easyly like they were just twigs. I have never experienced this kind of calamity. There are floods and power outages. And when I was watching the news there was a looting in Gaisano mall in central Tacloban where the typhoon hit the most. The president was also on the news talking about the projects and expenses of the roads and buildings that were damaged or destroyed. Before the bad weather malls were ransacked to get batteries and extra food in case of emergencies so there were super long lines on the cashier lines. Thank God nothing too bad happened within my area. All my neighbors cut their trees in case they fall or get taken by the wind. I just stood outside for a little bit and just stared at the branches swaying in the storm. This is so crazy. Thank God we're fine here and we pray for those who were hit badly by the storm.