So when I got to our destination I couldn't wait to get out and see Mimi, I even told my dad that I was going straight out and was not going to help get the bags lol. I'm sure he understood haha. So i was walking out and my dad was right behind me (I guess he was excited also to see his grandchild lol) I saw Mimi and she didn't see me so I went closer right to her face and she still didn't even notice I was there and she was calling out her grandpa. (Daddylolo daddylolo. ) and at this point my heart was breaking. She didn't notice me until my grandma was like whose that Mimi whose that? And then she said Mama?, and I was like yesssss rejoice she does remember me. And she got quiet. And I took her and carried her and she went to me. But I felt the sense that she was confused at who i was. Its like she was wondering where were you?. So I just carried her and carried her and did things that I did before to get her to really remember like sing her songs and joke around. But she really does remember she was sitting on me while we were in the car. It took her until the next day where she felt warm again to me.  I'm so happy to be next to her again. I really missed her.